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December 6, 2009
How was your day at church today? I have to admit, we started off a little discouraged because of the RHD, but the day quickly turned. We listened to some great music driving to church this morning and that really helped us get back in the right frame of mind for church. The devil is not going to keep us down. We got to church and into Sunday School. I was really pleased with the good number of people who came for our class. Remember, it was just last week that one of the ladies who visited our class got saved after the service. I was ready to see the Lord win again (of course, He always wins, in the end). After class, church was a blowout as well. And, guess what: There will be three new people in our New Converts class next week! Yes, there were more people saved this morning! Praise God. I love it when God shows up and makes the devil mad! I can't wait to see what happens tonight. I am sure it will be another great service!