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December 10, 2009
Ahh, it was good to get out tonight and preach.

Since we joined the new church, the Lord has opened up his blessings to us. Having the Sunday School class is a great blessing. We're working with new converts - people who have not been saved for very long. It is a delicate time in their lives. They are easily swayed in one way or another. As the teacher of the class, it is important that I keep that in mind. Even little things that I say or do could sway them. But even more humbling is knowing this, and knowing that my pastor has enough confidence in Kellie and I to allow us the privilege of teaching this class.

As much of a blessing as it is to teach this class, there is still nothing like preaching. Tonight, I was allowed to preach. I hesitate to say it was fun. If you have ever really preached with conviction and power from the Holy Spirit, you know how the devil fights. The devil was fighting tonight. Even though there was a fight, God is good! God gave great liberty and freedom to preach and God gave me a real blessing tonight!