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May 10, 2011
Yes, today was a good day. I spent the day completing the classroom requirements to become an instructor for the American Heart Association in the Heartstart program as well as the health care provider Basic Life Support.  We are in the process of setting up a Medical Emergency Response Team at our church.  On a typical Sunday, we may have three-hundred or more kids at the church. It is our responsibility to care for them. It is also our responsibility to care for the many people who regularly attend our church.  I am thankful the Lord is giving me another chance to use some of my skills and knowledge. I am also thankful our Pastor has a vision to care for his people.

How was the revival tonight? Great.  There was a young lady who was saved a few weeks ago. She and her husband have been faithful ever since.  Monday night, her brother came with them and he was saved! All three of them were back again tonight.

There is one more night of revival ... maybe. Revival may extend into Thursday. Check and see.

Oh, God is so good!