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May 2, 2011
I am way behind in praising God for those who have turned from their sin unto salvation over the last few months at our church. There have been four who were saved just in our group of 'tweens over the last few weeks. There have been many more throughout the church. Of course,when your pastor sets a goal of reaching 10,000 homes in one year, what should we expect?

So often, we are quick to praise the Lord over professions of faith. This is right. We should rejoice and praise the Lord when someone repents of their sinful nature and turns to God in salvation. Sadly, some of these professions are just not real. Sometimes, people will "get saved" to get out of trouble. Sometimes, people will pass through and "get saved" to try to get money or something else from the church. Sometimes, people will genuinely get saved. The proof of the fruit is watching to see who remains. If someone claims to get saved this morning, but you cannot find them tonight, were they really saved? Someone who is genuinely saved will genuinely want to serve God. They will genuinely want to please God. They will start working toward giving up their old habits. The drunkard will be convicted over drinking. The drug addict will be convicted to give up his addiction. The gossip will be convicted to stop her mouth.

I thank God for our pastor who is not quick to deal with someone who claims to be saved. The true fruit is the fruit which remains, right? Those who make a profession and disappear are likely not truly saved. No, we cannot know for sure, but we can look at the fruit. At our church, we're running a little behind. I believe it was six people who have remained and were baptized last night (I lost count). Our pastor is planning to baptize six to eight people every Sunday night for the next four weeks. Our church is, indeed growing. God is honoring Pastor's unwavering stand on the Word of God.
Mt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.