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December 20, 2010
Many of us will spend time gathered around a cake celebrating the anniversary of a loved one's birth. We will have a cake, perhaps some gifts. But all in all, someone's birthday is a special occasion.

Now, suppose today was your birthday. Everyone shows up for your party. Oh, there is a lot of food, and gifts. Oh, wow, gifts piled high almost touching the ceiling. You think, "Just look at all of this stuff. People must really love me." Then, all of a sudden, someone yells out, "Let's open presents." Your heart races. After all, it is your birthday, all of those gifts must be for you, right? Names are called and gifts are passed out. One by one, everyone gets a gift but you. "Where is my present. It's my birthday," you wonder.

What must Jesus wonder on His birthday? We spend the weeks leading up to Christmas hurrying about putting up decorations, shopping for presents for everyone on the list and going to parties. Some even deliver their child to an image of an antichrist in the form of a bearded, obese man in a red suit (that, my friend, is another article). Where is Jesus in all of this? When we take time to recall what Christmas is really about, we must remember that Christmas is not a season of gifts, it is the season where we should celebrate the greatest gift ever given - the gift of eternal life.

We would all say that Christmas is about Christ. we can see that even the atheists know this simple truth. They fight Christmas with a passion. Why? Because Christmas should be about Christ and they know it. Yet, so many of our Christian brethren take Christmas to a new commercialized depth. My friend, take time to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Romans 6:23b ... the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I must also ask if you have accepted that gift. There is no better time than the Christmas season to accept the free gift of eternal life and there is no better gift you can give Jesus than to allow Him to save you.