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June 30, 2011
We receive many comments and questions from our blog. Sometimes, we answer the questions directly, some of the comments are trollish and are responded to with the delete key and some are here. So, here are a few of the short-answer kind of questions...
Isn't the head of the church in Rome?
No. The head of the church is Christ. Ephesians 5:23 The local church here on earth is led by its Pastor. God never establishes a 'chain of government' for the church. The idea of people ruling over groups of churches is an idea contrived by man.
Would you ever consider going to a Bible church or are you strictly Baptist?
While a real Baptist Church is a Bible church, we must sadly accept that there are differences in connotations of words. While words have specific definitions, their connotations may be completely different. Sadly, this has come to be true with many "Bible" churches. There certainly are good "Bible" churches out there, but it seems that the majority of them are leaning away from the Word of God and toward liberalism.
Did God really intend for man to rule over women? Aren't men and women equal? Can't they do the same things?
I believe God plan, from the beginning, was to have man and women be equal. However, Eve was deceived. As a result of Eve being deceived, women were placed under the leadership of men. Men are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. This is an all-consuming, sacrificial love. Then, the real, Biblical love of a man should earn the respect and following of his wife. Just as the Bible commands the husband to love his wife, the wife is commanded to submit to her husband. Again, the key lies with the husband. If the husband is a tyrant, he is not being obedient to God. His love for his wife should be such that she wants to please him. I am planning to deal with this in more detail in a coming post. Be sure to look for a post entitled, "Who Rules the Roost."
Isn't gluttony a sin? Is gluttony preached against at your church?
Yes, it is. Before I get into the detail of the answer, let me say that I was not born yesterday. I realize that the author of this comment is attempting to take a pot-shot at me. That is fine. There are many people who do not like the fact that I preach the truth. They are especially concerned when the truth I preach lands squarely on their sin. As they attempt to take this juvenile shot at me, they do not know that I have lost over 70 pounds. Now, back to the answer.
Gluttony is a sin. It is an overindulgence. Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines a glutton as, "One eager of any thing to excess." So, one can be a glutton for food, one can be a glutton for alcohol, one can be a glutton for Facebook, one can be a glutton for gossip, one can be a glutton for ... Well, you get the idea. Some things, in moderation, are acceptable, but in excess, they are a sin.
Is gluttony preached against at our church? Yes, just like every other sin under the sun. You should visit sometime. If you're saved, the Spirit inside of you will be right at home, but your flesh will not be happy!