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July 3, 2010
“My daughter likes Twilight. What should I do?”

That is a very serious problem on a number of levels. The “Twilight” series is a very dangerous threat to the home. Because this series of books and movies is such a threat, and because of the reasons I will outline below, I would immediately be concerned about my daughter’s salvation.

There are many problems with this series. On the surface, it may seem like any other love story (not that those are necessarily healthy or right). In this case, the love story centers around murder and a lust for blood. Those two traits exist, by default in a vampire. The lead character, Bella, is in love with a vampire! Right away, anyone with half a brain will equate vampires with Satanism and the occult. Sadly, however, many have been blinded to this fact just as Bella was in the series.
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