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May 18, 2010
When dealing with teens, there is often the problem of music to deal with as well. When we consider music in the light of separation, we see that all this contemporary mess doesn't fit! No, it may not be the same hymns and songs they had 200 years ago, but I believe the Spirit-filled believer from 200 years ago would not be so concerned about the music in our churches as they would be the absence of real preaching.

Throughout the country, men stand behind the holy desk and look over various crowds of people. When they do, are they addressing the problem at hand or are they offering a salve to hide the stench of sin? I am sick of people looking at only one aspect of Jesus. Yes, Jesus is the epitome of love, but He is also the very standard of justice and of righteousness. People today are saying that Jesus would never preach hard. Remember: Jesus said that if one would offend a child, it would be better that a millstone be tied around his neck and he be cast into the sea. Wow. Sounds like some hard preaching. Jesus walked into the temple and drove the merchants out at the end of a whip. That does not sound like the preaching most people get today.
Yes, preachers, we need more preaching on sin. Why is our country in the state it is in? Why are countries sending missionaries to the United States? BECAUSE PREACHERS AREN'T PREACHING!!! Come on men, be MEN and PPPPRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAACCCCCCHHHHHH! If you need to, go by Wal-Mart and get a back-bone (I know ... many of you had your back-bones removed at your local Bible College). Get out your Bible and PREACH! Throw these pansy, don't want to offend anyone, easy-sleazy, feel good messages away and get out the SWORD ... Let's do some HOLY GHOST SURGERY. We need the men of God to preach the Word of God. Yes, that means we need to call sin by it's name. If you have brain cancer, you don't want the doctor to tell you what a lovely head of hair you have - you want him to CUT IT OUT!!!

If we, as preachers, would preach the whole counsel of the Word of God, that would include preaching on sin.
2Tim 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
Yes, we are to exhort or lift people up, but we are also to preach on sin. We are to reprove and rebuke. The apostles showed the love of God but they PREACHED that men needed to REPENT!!! We need preachers that expose the cancer of sin, not pink-pantie wearing "pasthors" who are afraid of losing their retirement if they make momma know-nothing mad.