February 11, 2011
On a more personal note... tonight concluded what turned out to be a spectacular revival. God moved in a way I had not seen in a long time. It seemed like everyone was sick, yet the church was full every night! Now, I am anxiously awaiting Sunday. I can only imagine what the Lord has in store for us. The church seems to be more alive than ever and we're coming off our second great revival in just a few weeks. What more can the Lord do? I have no idea, but He already knows.

 Our preacher keeps saying, "We're on the little end of something big." What a concept. As high, as big as the services of the last few months have been, this cannot be the little end. But, I know my pastor is right. God has big plans for our little church.

Just a few months ago, we regretted seeing the mission leave. Details aren't relevant, but it was discouraging. All those men need to be in a good church. Please pray for CRM. When they left, there was certainly a hole in our midst. Literally - there was a huge hole in the middle of the auditorium. But God is faithful. That hole is full, the building is almost full. It is amazing to see our Pastor take a Biblical stand, then see God honor that stand!

 There have been some changes in the Sunday School program. Now, Kellie and I are responsible for the fifth and sixth grade class. It's a great bunch of kids and we're looking forward to getting to know them better. What about the New Convert's class, you ask? It's not gone, it has just moved to a different time slot. More details about that at a later date.

 We started working in the Bus Ministry last spring. It really is another example of how God moves and works things out. At first, I didn't want to do it at all, even though I have always had a heart for the Bus Ministry. So, I volunteered to be a spare driver. Just driving as needed. A short time later, I was the long-term substitute on the Shelby route - the route with the reputation of being the worst route of them all. Then, my status changed and I was the permanent driver. Well, that has changed also. Now I am the Bus Captain. Again, it is amazing to see how the Lord has expanded my burden beyond my self-imposed boundaries.

 And then, there is the preaching. I've been getting to preach a lot. I have stood up and delivered Bible messages in the past, but it has never been like this. There is a great freedom to preach around here, but there is also a great struggle to preach. The devil doesn't like what is going on around Love Valley and he is fighting it tooth and nail! So, anyway, that is the update. Hope you all have a great night and a great weekend. See you in church!